The Non-User-Friendly Guide

for Aspiring Television Writers

Experience and Advice from the Trenches


Steven L. Sears







“Required reading for anyone who thinks they might want to write for television.  Entertaining reading for anyone who owns a television.  It's outstanding.  If I teach another class re: ‘Writing For TV’ I'm going to make it required reading.  NOT kidding”

-Jeff Kline. Executive Producer, “Transformers: Prime”, “G.I.Joe: Renegades”, “That Was Then”, Former Development Executive, Colombia Studios.


Sears has written an excellent book based upon years of experience working on some of the most iconic shows in television. He's gone from fledgling writer to show runner for a series of his own creation. It's the kind of book where you don't know what you don't know until he tells it to you. There are only a handful of people in Hollywood who have had the breadth of experience he has, few are willing or able to communicate it like he has.”

– Andrew Mayne. A&E’s “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne”, author of “Angel Killer”, “Knight School”, Martian Emperor”


 “It's rare when you read a book on a single topic and get engaged in the writing, itself. I was captured upon reading the first 10 pages. The author doesn't pull punches.

This was obviously written from a vast amount of writing and producing experience with great questions like "CSI Miami is interested in my writing and want a sample. Do I write using their characters? How much do they want to see? Is there a format that is accepted as the industry standard?" Perfect for fledgling writers, students of writing and writers who have written a lot, but haven't quite hit the mark.

It's a brutally honest book about the business and, at the same time, wry and witty. That's precisely why it was an engaging read for me. Mr. Sears is talking with me without preaching and giving me room to develop a style of my own.

"I highly recommend this for anyone who wants an honest assessment of the craft. Great read!”

- Chip Chalmers.  Director, “Star Trek: Next Generation”, “Miami Vice”, “Melrose Place”, Associate Professor of Production, Florida State University School of Film and Television



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