First, I want to mention that this page is about charity.  This Scholarship is one that I funded, but it has no more nor less importance than the many charitable causes out there.

When I went to College, I had a loan that paid my tuition. I had parents who helped out as much as they could (and then some). But it still took me five years to finish three years of schooling.  Why?  Because I still had to make money for incidentals such as books, materials and day to day living expenses.  That meant I had to interrupt my schooling to work.

In 1998, I decided to do what I could to change that.  I established and endowed a scholarship fund at my school, for middle and lower income students to be able to complete their education in the Arts without interruption.

My scholarship is called the Steven L. Sears Dean's Scholarship Fund.  To be honest, it's a bit embarrassing as it's named after me.  This wasn't my idea. When I established it, Dana Vaill (a huge supporter of education and a wonderful person) made a very firm "suggestion" (you had to know Dana to know how firm her "suggestions" were) that I give it my name so that others could understand that people make these things happen.  Swallowing my modesty, I had to agree with her. 

I want to make sure it's understood that this is a very specific scholarship.  It is intended for Theatre Students at Florida State University.  Obviously I would be very very grateful to anyone who chose to donate to the fund (for information on how to do that, click here). 

But, more than that, I want to encourage people to please give back in some way, either to educational organizations or to charitable causes.  You have every right to feel that giving to Theatre Students at FSU might not be the best cause for your money.  And that is absolutely fine.

But there are so many important causes out there; so many people in need.  So much more we could all be doing for each other.  So much of the good in this world is done solely by good people wanting to make a difference.  Be one of those people.  Give to those in need; establish your own scholarships and charitable organizations; work to help those who do.  It doesn't cost much.  One dollar or one thousand; either can make the difference.  

No matter what cause you choose, do SOMETHING for the Greater Good!


Thank you

Steven L. Sears


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