November 17-18, 2006 - Florida State University, ODK Grad Made Good

This mystifies me, but it's an incredible honor.  I'm more than embarrassed by this, so I will quote from the ODK website in regards to the Grads Made Good Program.

"In 1974, the Florida State University Circle initiated a “Grads Made Good" program. The purpose of the program is to honor former students of The Florida State University who, in the years since earning their degrees at Florida State, have achieved outstanding success and recognition in their chosen fields at the national or international levels. In honoring them, we honor all alumni who have served as inspiration to our students and faculty. It is desired that the honoring of the Grads Made Good shall secure in the students of Florida State a positive sense of their alma mater's value; demonstrate the success of alumni in such varied pursuits as the Fine Arts, the Professions, and the Pure and Applied Academics; implant within the alumni of this institution an appreciation of Florida State's present and potential merit; and perform a meaningful ODK contribution to the annual Homecoming celebration."

Wow.  It's hard not to be humbled by this.  Especially when you consider past recipients of this honor.  This year, the recipients were:

Peter Romero - A fascinating man who has had a career as an Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State for the United States.  He's currently an international consultant and I could listen to him talk for hours.

Laird Anderson - An internationally known journalist and professor at American University in Washington D.C.  His articles have been read around the world, influencing millions.  Unfortunately, Laird was in the hospital recovering from complications of surgery.  My thoughts are with him and his family for his recovery.

Max Mayfield - Anyone who has lived in a hurricane region knows his face.  He is the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration center.  He is the man everyone turns to when hurricanes threaten the coast.  He has been responsible for saving more lives than he will ever ber given credit for.  I really liked talking with him.

And... me.  I wrote Xena.  What's wrong with this picture?  Never mind, I'm honored to be in their company.

I spent a total of ten days in Tallahassee, teaching classes and speaking to students.   I was also honored to speak at the ODK Dinner and the Breakfast the following day.  I was embarrassed to discover I was expected to be in the Homecoming parade...

As usual, I took a lot of photos.  I've managed to cull the thousands of photos down to a mere few hundred.  I can't guarantee that they will all be fascinating, but here they are.

You're going to notice a few people recurring here.  I want to especially mention Richard G. Fallon, who was my Dean when I was at FSU.  He's an amazing man and I love him.  Also you'll see Chip Chalmers, one of my best friends, who teaches at FSU and is head of their Film School Production.  Lisa Soland is the head of the Playwright program and, also, one of my best friends.  And Davis Gaines... an amazingly talented man who is an actor/singer appearing on Broadway and in films;  another dear friend as well.

Oh, and you'll note that, though I was one of the honorees, I'm not in a lot of photos.  That's the advantage of  being the one with the camera...

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