Before you send me any mail, please read the following!


DO NOT submit story or series ideas. 

There are legal and ethical considerations involved.  If you send anything of the type, I will delete it before I read it.  Don't take it personally.


DO NOT ask if I can help you break into the business.

When I can, I will answer questions.  But I cannot be a shortcut for anyone into Film/Television, whether you are a writer, director or actor.


DO NOT ask for me to pass a message on to anyone.

As you can see, I have worked with a lot of people, many of them popular actors and actresses.  I cannot be a conduit to anyone.  And I do not have referral addresses for any of them either.


DO NOT ask for souvenirs from any of the shows or autographs from any of the people I've worked with.

Chances are, I don't have them.  And, if I do, chances are I'm keeping them!


DO NOT ask me to donate or support to any particular cause or project.

I get hundreds of request for donations for causes or asking to support people's projects. financially or by attaching my name to it.
While I wish you huge success in your endeavors, I have many of my own which occupy my finances and my time. 


DON'T BE UPSET if I don't answer your e-mail. 

I try to get to every bit of mail and answer it, but the mere volume of mail and my work schedule means that I can't possibly get to everyone.  I can honestly say that I try, but even close friends know that I am not perfect.


Whew!  Okay, now that the disclaimers are done, here's where you can e-mail me.


Click on this link


Or, for the snail mail crowd;


Steven L. Sears


P.O. BOX 1034



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