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Self Portrait


Marian D. Sears                               Richard B. Sears

Nov. 10, 2006 - a rare suit shot

School pictures, grades one through twelve

High School Annual picture, 1975

Actor's headshot, 1980

One of very few portrait shots, 1990

1992, photo by Chuck Bowman

On the set of Sheena, 2001

With Jenny

With Alex Tydings

With Mira Furlan

With Patricia Tallman

R.J. Stewart, Rob Tapert, me, and Karl Urban (photo courtesy of Wendy Sparks)

With John Allen Nelson

With Peter Reckell

With Carl Weathers

With Dick Durock (Swamp Thing)

"That banana is your motivation..."

With General (Ret.) Norman Schwartzkopf

With Philip Michael Thomas

With Brinke Stevens, Scream Queen

With Gil Lazier, friend and scholar

John Allen Nelson, me and Gena Lee Nolin

With Gena Lee Nolin

With the stunningly beautiful Karen Kim

It's good to be the king!

With Hudson Leick

With Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

Me and... well... a bird

Doing some photography

Waiting.... waiting....

Madman on the Water

Photo by Hudson

ComiCon, 7/24/04, Photo by Rick Pearrow

At Disneyland

Really getting back there... Boy Scouts

ROTC High School

Law Enforcement Explorer

Drummer on St. George St.

Drummer, St. George St.

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